Xbox Series X Update

This video brings some more evidence that there are major problems with backwards compatibility on Xbox. Multiplayer servers on backwards compatible games are clearly broken.

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The only way we will see a fix for backwards compatibility is if people talk about it. Share this page on Twitter using #FixBackCompat and tag @Xbox, @XboxSupport, @MajorNelson & @XboxP3. Link the videos to any gaming social media influencers and/or game developers of affected games.

Click HERE to find a list of confirmed games with XOnline/matchmaking issues.

During the past 3-4 years Xbox has been suffering with matchmaking issues, on backwards compatible games, such as stuttering and freezing while trying to join game sessions or sitting in lobbies waiting for hours without finding anyone. It's as if there's no one online when really there is.

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These issues only started after Backwards Compatiblity got released. Prior to being released there were no issues with the Xbox matchmaking server (XOnline). You can find a PDF document we sent to the MSRC program HERE to help fix it. They denied the issue saying it's "game specific".

Make sure you check out MrDalekJD's video on the matter. He explains the situation in a way where it's easy to understand and touches on most of the facts. Click HERE to watch it!

In the mean time, check out this video on how to find lobbies via Discord HERE. It's a real life saver!